Read All About Room 137!

The Read Room'Read' All About It!...Room 137. What room is that? I hear you say. Well, wonder no more. Currently, room 137 is the English storeroom, filled with material from many different genres by many different authors. It is a wonderful resource for our department to have. However, it has been in need of a revamp for some time now. Following on from many discussions and various ideas from members of the English Department, we have decided that the time for this revamp is now.

So, Operation Transform Room 137 is about to get under way. The exciting news is that it is going to be transformed from a dark, dusty storeroom into a vibrant and cosy reading space, "The Re(a)d Room". This literacy initiative will be part funded by the generous Christmas donation from The Culdaff & Gleneely Parents Association. Pictures of the transformation process coming soon. Watch this space.

'Word of the Week' Story Winners

Word of The WeekCongratulations and well done to the following First Years in the Christmas Creative Writing Competition. The students were required to write a short story, poem, song, etc. using all the words of the week since September.

Winners: Christopher Lovelle 1C; Chaylee Greene 1D; Hanna Fiorentini 1D

pdfRead the WOTW Short Stories

European Day of Language 2016

Euro Day Language 2016

European Day of Language 2016 photo album

The Annual European Day of Language took place on Friday, 30th October. The Canteen was once again decked out with signature dishes from around Europe (and the world). The more adventurous among the pupils got stuck into snails, frog legs and kangaroo. Impressively, a whole lobster also made an appearance on the menu. It was a fine spread that intrigued the pupils, though many were cautious and a few were just plain squeemish. Overall, however, it was a day of cultural appreciation.

There's Just No Arguing With Class 1A!

Well done to Class 1A who recently took part in a debate against our neighbouring school St Patrick’s Boys. There was great excitement in Ms Crawford’s English class leading up to the event and everyone in the class had a role to play on the day, a role that each student in the class carried out extremely well. However, a special mention has to be given to the captain of the 1A debating team Katelyn McDaid and her fellow debaters Liam Doherty and Rory Lynch. These three wonderful students know how important it is for young people to have their voice heard and we certainly heard their voices loud and clear in the Áras when they opposed the motion that, “School uniforms are a good idea”. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be for 1A and the motion was carried. Nonetheless, the students did the school proud on the day. Note to Management: It would seem that the incoming first year students are going to have no problem wearing the uniform! Thanks to Ms Fiona McLaughlin for helping adjudicate on the day and well done to both 1A and St Patrick’s Boys National School.