Six Word Story

Legend has it that the famous writer Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in just 6 words. He took on the challenge and wrote the following story “For sale, baby shoes, never worn”. Apparently he called it his best work.

Well if Hemingway can do it then so can we thus there was great excitement throughout the school during the month of January as the students and teachers of CCS took on the challenge of writing an essay in just six word.

Top ten student entries:
Secondary school, one friend, two faces - Nikita Doherty 

I ran, but not quick enough - Lewis Grant 
The image was sent, consequences tragic - Sam Todd 
Broken car, broken tree, broken heart - Laura Campbell 
A war within myself, battle lost – Niamh Mc Callion 
Eyes meet, new love, first born - Beth Farren 
Real diamonds, never bought, think why - Katie Doherty 
The car, the family, the end - Ultan Doherty 
Went to war, never loved again - Kieran Grant 
Saw a call, not the bus - Oisin Moyne

From these superb stories, it was very difficult to choose a winner but three winners were selected.

Joint first place: “I ran, but not quick enough” - Lewis Grant / “Went to war, never loved again”- Kieran Grant
Second Place: “Secondary school, one friend, two faces”- Nikita Doherty

The standard from the teachers was also very impressive and with a lot of deliberation and some judging help needed from outside of CCS a winner was chosen:
“Thus, silence, toddler giggles, mission complete” – Ms Yvonne O’Brien