History Field Trip 2019

6th Year History Field Trip photo album

Ms. Marie McLaughlin’s and Ms. Majella Doherty’s 6th year History classes visited the Free Derry Museum and partook in a walking tour of the Bogside with their teachers before the mid-term break. Five employees in the Free Derry Museum were directly affected by Bloody Sunday - fathers, sons, brothers, nephews, uncles, grandads were among the fourteen who were killed - their stories now told by family members. A contemporary witness, Christy, recounted the events of 30 January 1972 as the group walked through the Bogside. He explained the background to each mural with precise detail. After a tasty lunch in the warmth of the Foyleside Shopping Centre the group proceeded to visit the Siege Museum and the Apprentice Boys Hall and another cold walk on the city walls. Visits to both museums gave the group a greater understanding of the need of the Civil Rights Movement and the Apprentice Boys to commemorate their religious and cultural identity. It was an informative day and will help greatly with the pupils' study of the politics and society of Northern Ireland.