5th Year Home Ec Trip

Fifth Year Home Ec. Trip photo album  |  Home Ec. Trip video

On Thursday, 9th November 2017, the 5th year Home Economics students left Carndonagh for an overnight trip that was to include a visit to the cookery school “Recipe 4 Success” in Limerick. After a long journey we arrived at the Abbey Court Hotel in Nenagh where we received a warm welcome from the staff. We all then enjoyed dinner in the hotel and a good night’s sleep was had by all!! After a 07:15 breakfast, we left the Abbey Court for a 25 minute bus ride to the “Recipe 4 Success” cookery school in Annacotty, Limerick. This cookery school has developed a very successful Leaving Certificate Home Economics cookery skills programme. It is a highly interactive educational format which includes a mixture of demonstrations and hands on activities. As a result, the students were well equipped to tackle the three food assignments which were covered. This programme develops new skills, confidence and a clear understanding of the techniques required to investigate and make – Hot and cold soufflés – Preservation, including citrus marmalade and Healthy eating, including Cajun Chicken, Sweet potatoes and healthy coleslaw.

The students firstly investigated, prepared and cooked their dishes. They then served and of course, ate their food. The working environment was professional and stimulating. In the students' own words “This is just like Masterchef”. All the dishes were first demonstrated to the students who then cooked them themselves in groups of three. All of this was carried out in a seamless, fast moving, student friendly and fun way. The students took away laminated recipe cards, photographs and flip chart information. On evaluating the trip with them, all agreed that the long journey was well worth it and good value for money. Overall, they rated the whole experience very highly. By the time we got back to Carndonagh community school on Friday night, the cookery school had already posted a video montage of the group in action. All in all, our visit to “Recipe 4 Success” was indeed a great success. Definitely a trip I would recommend in the future.