Sraith Pictiúir ShowSraith Pictiúir Show photo album

On Friday morning, 25th November, over eighty 6th years took part in a workshop to help students get to grips with the layout for the Leaving Cert Irish Oral which is worth 40% of the overall exam. The show covered the twenty dreaded Sraith Pictiúir through a series of comedic sketches and songs. As Gaeilge of course! Highrock Productions presented an interactive presentation which involved not only student participation but teacher participation as well.

Highrock travel all over the country to perform this production for students sitting their Leaving Cert. After the sketch show the company gave a talk to all students offering tips/memory techniques in preparation for the cómhra. It was clear from the wealth of laughter and applause that all students in attendance enjoyed themselves thoroughly. We look forward to welcoming Highrock Productions back next year for another hilarious yet informative production.