Irish Mathematical Olympiad Prep Under Way

Irish Maths Olympiad

In preparation for competing in the Irish Mathematical Olympiad, Cade, Christopher, Robertas, Daniel, Oran, Cassie, Eva and Sinead were recently invited to attend enrichment classes in third level colleges. The primary aim of the enrichment classes is to cultivate a love and appreciation for mathematics among talented students. The final round of the 33rd IrMO will be held in April/May 2020.

Maths Week - CCS Visits CNS

Maths Week 2019

Maths Week Visit to Clonmany NS photo album

On Wednesday, 16th October, staff from CCS visited Clonmany N.S. to celebrate Maths Week with pupils from local primary schools.

Schools in attendance:
6th class Clonmany National School
6th class Rashenny National School
4th 5th and 6th class Tiernasligo National School
5th and 6th class Cloontagh National School

This amounted to over 100 primary school children in attendance. Hannah Hunter, Breda Doherty and James Humphries, Maths Teachers from CCS attended St. Francis’ N.S. Clonmany where they showcased three different areas of maths.

The three areas were:

1. ISAK 9 for Problem Solving
2. Chance and Probability
3. Maths Eyes Trail

The schools were mixed and divided into three groups. Each group only got to do two tasks due to time constraints. During the 6th Class Induction/Transfer Day in CCS for 2019/2020 a number of the Maths teachers got an opportunity to meet with the 6th Class teachers and Principals to have an informal conversation around links between Primary and Post-Primary Maths. This was a follow-up to an initiative at the introduction of Project Maths to facilitate a common language between the Primary School and the Maths Department. CCS recognises the need for more investigation and problem-solving skills to be developed and ingrained earlier than second level.

An invitation was extended to CCS to facilitate a day during Maths Week where we could introduce and demonstrate ideas to foster a positive mindset towards Maths and to provide a familiar face before Transfer.