Weekly Maths Puzzle - Puzzle 1

Weekly Math Puzzle - all students are free to participate; a weekly prize is up for grabs. Place answers in the box outside the Main Office before the end of the day every Friday. Don't forget to include name and calss...

This week's puzzle - Using the digits 1,7,7,7,7, create the number 100. You can use adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplication or brackets.

Maths Alert!! The Maths Tutor is Free to ALL Pupils on Monday

Due to the school closure on Monday 16th October, are offering free access for all students during Hurricane Ophelia. All you have to do is go to the following website and you will be provided with Video Lessons, Interactive Exercises and Online support to get on top of Maths, one topic at a time.

Achieving a Numeracy Enriched Environment in CCS

Well, what a busy year this has been in CCS regarding Numeracy! Here are some of our initiatives that we have worked on throughout the year with regards to promoting problem solving.

number treeSchool SignsNumeracy Clock

Numeracy Photo Album

  • Weekly Puzzle

  • First Year Quiz – During maths week, all First Year classes participated in a maths quiz. Problems varied from questions on the First Year maths course, to questions based on real life problems, picture questions and even music questions! Thanks to all teachers who organised this event within their own classes, students had great fun!

  • Numeracy Christmas Tree created by 1A, who also designed a competition based on a treasure hunt for all of their peers.

  • Compass Display in Mall – This was a cross-curricular initiative between our Numeracy teachers (Mrs Breda Doherty and Ms. Sharon Coyle) and our Geography teachers (Mr Dessie Doherty & Mr Trevor McCallion) who collaborated on the project. We would like to thank both of our caretakers - Shaun and Eddie -for their very valuable input and help.

  • Numeracy Clocks designed by our students – This was a cross-curricular initiative with the Woodwork Department and the Numeracy team. We would like to thank Mr Sean McKenna and Mr Conor McDonough for all their help with our wonderful display of clocks. We would like also to mention a big thanks to Mrs McDermott for the use of the Art room's acrylic paint.

  • Height Charts and Sign Posts – Another cross-curricular project between Numeracy and the Woodwork Dept. We would like to thank Mr James Doherty (Woodwork Dept.) for our fantastic sunflower height charts displayed at either end of the Mall, and also for the lovely wooden plaques around the school, showing locations and distances. We would like to thank the TYs and Ms. Shannon Doherty who were also involved in this initiative.

Big thanks to John Collins for all his help throughout the year regarding Numeracy. We could not have achieved all of this without your help.

Thanking you all on behalf of Mrs Breda Doherty and Ms. Sharon Coyle. (Numeracy and Maths Dept.)

Numeracy Photo Album