Weekly Maths Puzzle - Puzzle 2 - Water Buckets

Water Buckets ProblemYou have a 3 and a 5 litre water container, each container has no markings. You also have a running tap. You must use the containers and the tap in such a way to measure out exactly 4 litres of water inside one of the containers. How is this done?

Weekly Maths Puzzle - Puzzle 1 - How Many Triangles?

Puzzle 1 - How many triangles? (see below for entry details)

How Many Triangles?

Beginning 6th March, a weekly maths puzzle competition will be set for students every Monday morning (notice board outside R330). All students are welcome to submit answers by Friday of each week (submission folder on notice board). Every Friday, a student will be selected at random from the correct answers and will receive a small prize. Submitted answers must have student's name and class. Puzzles that require solution workings must have those workings included on the answer sheet. Won't be as easy as it sounds. You can count on it...Good luck!

Maths Week Quiz Winners

During Maths Week, a school-wide quiz was held and pupils from all year groups were invited to answer five maths questions. Pupils who answered all five questions correctly were entered in a draw. The lucky five were Dean Grant 2B, Cade Cooke 4A, Shaun Hirrell 3F, Patrick McKenna 5E and Emma McCloskey 1C. Also in the photo are Deputy Principal Owen McConway and Ms. Sharon Coyle. Thanks to the Maths teachers for their help, and thanks also to all the pupils who entered.Maths Week Quiz Winners