Young Scientist 2017

Young Scientist Exhibition photo album

Sally McKenna (5E) recently took part in the BT Young Scientist Exhibition at the RDS in Dublin. Sally's project "Manipulative Media" joined eleven other projects from Donegal. Overall there were 550 projects at the exhibition. The shortlist was reduced from 2091 entries to 550 in early Januray. The fifteen pupils from CCS who attended the exhibition certainly enjoyed and benefited from the experience. Entries from CCS are sure to multiply in the coming years.

Comments from the Students

It was great to see the dedication and inspiration of all the aspiring scientists at this year's BT Young Scientist Awards. - Dealgan Farren

The Young Scientist was very interesting. It had a wide variety of things to look at and showed a lot of sections to do with different sciences. I enjoyed the 3D screening as well as looking at all the science experiments being done. I think you could spend hours at it. I really enjoyed the day except for waiting in line to get into the exhibition! - Gemma Mc Cormick

The exhibition was well played out and eye catching. However there was too much to see in the time we had. The place was swarmed with people creating a great buzz. Overall I think the experience was enjoyable and educational. - Leah Harley

I really enjoyed the trip down to the Young Scientist 2017. Fifteen students from this school went on the trip along with Ms Coll. The place was full of people. There was an area which displayed all 550 entries in isles labelled A-Z. Some of the projects were amazing. Sally Mc Kenna from our school entered a project on false marketing, focusing on detox products. Overall I really enjoyed the day. - Conan Mc Lucas