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First Year WorkbookYear One

Written/Theory Work:

  • Health & Safety in the Work Shop.
  • Hand Tools (Rule, Tri Square, Marking Knife, Marking Gauge, Tenon saw, Paring Chisel, Mallet, Pin Hammer).
  • Power Tools (Drill, Glue Gun, Wood Burner).
  • Machines (Scroll Saw, Band Saw, Pillar Drill, Morticer, Strip Heater).
  • Materials (Softwoods, Hardwoods, Manufactured Boards, Plastics, Metals, Glues, Pins, Screws, Paints and Varnishes).
  • Jointing Methods.
  • Workbook Exercises.


Students will make a range of small projects which will incorporate the use of the various tools, machines, materials and jointing techniques available to them.

Year One Projects