Ordinary Level Projects

Design and make a decorative artefact to hold three small potted plants:
The artefact should be elegant in appearance and should reflect a nature theme.
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Design and make a decorative lamp suitable for a desk:
The lamp should be modern and attractive in appearance and should incorporate a facility to hold three books.
Note: All electrical connections and fittings must comply with current safety standards.
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Design and make a small decorative artefact to display household notices and reminders:
The artefact should include a facility to store the necessary writing materials and should also reflect a recycling theme.
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Higher Level Projects

Many toys are designed to develop and refine the manipulative skills of a child:
Design and make an attractive and stimulating toy suitable for use by a child. The toy should include a device or mechanism which will enhance the child's manipulative skills.
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Many students admire and are inspired by the endeavours of past pupils of their school:
Design and make a decorative artefact which could be presented to a past pupil or a group of past pupils on a visit to your school. The design should be inspirational and the artefact should reflect an achievement of a person or group.
Design Brief 2 gallery

A small stylish piece of furniture greatly enhances a hallway or entrance area of a house or apartment:
Design and make a small hall table of elegant proportions that will attract and please the eye. In addition, the table should be designed to incorporate a storage facility for small items.
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