Holiday Calendar

Calendar 2018 / 2019

Monday, 13th Aug. School Office re-opens.
Wed., 15th Aug. Leaving Certificate Results available at 10.30. a.m.
Friday, 17th Aug. Bookshop open for All Year Groups.
Saturday, 18th Aug. Bookshop open from 9.30. until 1.00. p.m.
Monday, 27th Aug. School re-opens for Staff.
Tuesday, 28th Aug. School re-opens for First Years.
Wed., 29th August School re-opens for Sixth Years and First Years.
Thursday, 30th Aug. School re-opens for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 6th Years.
Friday, 31st August School re-opens for All Year Groups and TY and LCA.
Monday, 22nd Oct. School closes for J.C.T. Training.
Friday, 26th October School closes for Mid-Term Break.
Monday, 5th Nov. School re-opens.
Friday, 21st Dec. School closes for Christmas Holidays.
Monday, 7th Jan. School re-opens.
Friday, 15th Feb. School closes for Mid-Term Break.
Monday, 25th Feb. School re-opens.
Monday, 18th Mar. School closed.
Tuesday, 19th Mar. School closed.
Friday, 12th April School closes for Easter Holidays.
Monday, 29th April School re-opens.
Monday, 6th May School closed.
Friday, 31st May School closes for Summer Holidays.
Wed., 5th June Start date for Junior and Leaving Certificate Exams.