Spinning for Niall

Spinning for Niall will take place on Friday, 24th January in CCS Sports Hall from 9.30am to 9.30pm. Pupils are asked to fill in the form below to register a team for the event. (All team members must be CCS pupils). Places are limited to 30 teams and each team must have a minimum of 12 pupils.

Spinning for Niall


Stand Up for LGBTI+ Awareness Day - Friday, 15th November

LGBTI+ Awareness Day 2019 CCS

LGBTI+ Awareness Day photo album

pdfStand Up! Resource Pack

This is Stand Up Week!...And Friday 15th November was LGBTI+ Awareness Day. The theme for this national event was "No one would have to come out if everyone chose to come in." School uniform jumpers were swapped for all the colours of the rainbow. CCS continues to fully embrace LGBTI+ pupils, typified by the outpouring of colour on Friday. Thanks to all pupils and staff involved.

Junior Cert Results Day 2019

JC Results CCS

Junior Cert Results Day photo album

Mr. Colm Doherty made a return to the head of the class (for one day only) on Friday, 4th October for Junior Cert Results Day. Mr. Doherty congratulated the pupils on their results, while reminding them that results day is just a snapshot in time. What happens next is just as important. So keep at it! He also insisted that pupils take care during celebrations and look after each other as well as themselves. Thanks to Ms. Marie Therese Doherty (HSCL) for the cookies and capri suns. It was a nice way to end the week.

Paper Cups binned...Reusable Cups for Everyone!

Resuable Cups Carndonagh CS 2

The Reduce-Reuse-Recycle theme in CCS is about to step up a level with the introduction of reusable cups for every person in the school. Very soon there will be no throw-away cups available on campus, which is good news as a recent study by a group of pupils estimated that 1200 paper cups are binned every week. The school has invested in 'travel mug' style cups with lids for every pupil (and staff member who needs one). No cup, no coffee! That should ensure 100% usage. Pupils will be encouraged to wash/dry cups at home for use the following day. It's ambitious and won't be without teething problems, but if the discussion is convenience versus the environment, there can only be one winner. CCS is a Green School and will continue to take steps in the right direction. Now, would you like a nice cup of tea? Ah, go on...

School Uniform Update - August 2019

As a result of evaluating the school uniform and feedback we received throughout the year, we would like to inform you that, from August 2019, if a girl chooses to wear a skirt or pinafore, they must be knee length. If a student chooses to wear trousers, absolutely no jeggings or leggings should be worn to school.

From August, if a student comes to school not wearing the proper uniform they will be asked to go home and change. We would like your support in this.

As a school we pride ourselves on how positively our students represent CCS on all occasions. We would like to maintain this very positive image of the students in CCS.