COVID-19 Updates (25th September 2020)

COVID 19 Coronavirus UpdateUpdated 25th September 2020

The following links provide important information for pupils and parents / guardians on returning to school in August / September.  

25th September - pdfHealth & Safety Control of COVID-19

7th September - Back to School 2020 Information Video

5th September - Back to School - Principal's Address (video)

3rd September - pdfLeaving Cert Results Day / Calculated Grades (7th September)

31st August - pdfCanteen Menu / Price List


28th August -

pdfMasks & Face Coverings

pdfSchools Pathway for Covid-19 - the Public Health approach

27th August - pdfCOVID-19 Advice for Parents (HSE)

26th August - pdfAdvice RE: Cashless Systems

25th August - pdfLetter RE: School Transport / Leaving Cert 2021

19th August - 

pdfPrincipal's Letter to Parents / Guardians

pdfOrganisational and Structural Adjustments at Carndonagh CS

pdfCarndonagh Community School COVID-19 Policy Statement

pdfCOVID-19 Response Plan for Safe and Sustainable Reopening

pdfMasks and Face Coverings - Update to National COVID Response Plan

Government 'Back to School' Guide (

10th August - pdfRe-opening 2020/21 Letter to Parents / Guardians & Pupils 

Leaving Cert Results Day 2020 (Calculated Grades)


Leaving Cert Results Day 2020 (Calculated Grades) photo album

We shall remember this results day for a long time. Firstly, it was odd welcoming the 2020 class back and trying to see who was behind the mask. Secondly, the nervous apprehension around the Calculated Grades had disappeared and the eyes were smiling. It was a real pleasure to have the 2020 class back, to manage the opportunity for them to meet safely and to get a chance to say a proper farewell to their school and thank them for their contribution. It was an even greater pleasure to hear of their success and their plans for the future. We had expected very good results from this Year Group and the acid test is always 'did they get enough points to take them on to the next stage of their careers?' And what a range of careers: from farming to architecture, from sport to computer design, reflecting the talents and interests of this generation.

There was clear evidence of high achievement across the board with many pupils exceeding 500 points, several exceeding 600 points and two achieving the maximum 625 points. We are very proud of this year group and have high expectations for the contribution they will make to their community and their country.

RE-OPENING 2020/21 - Letter to Parents / Guardians & Pupils

Due to the ongoing efforts to manage a re-opening of school for all pupils, it has been necessary to amend the return to school schedule. Of paramount concern is the safety of all pupils and staff and it is essential that all pupils and parents / guardians understand the significant changes to the school’s operating systems and structures, and their responsibilities to co-operate with the revised protocols.

pdfREAD Re-opening 2020/21 Letter to Parents / Guardians & Pupils

STEP UP to Secondary School

step upThe StepUp website has been developed in order to assist both students and their parents in making the move between primary and secondary school.

School transition programmes do happen in a lot of schools during a normal year but 2020 has proved far from normal. This website should help young people to get a bit more ready for secondary and hopefully explain a lot of the things they want to know. There may also be a few things they haven’t thought about...

FAO ALL 6th Year Pupils

Dear 6th Years,

We are struggling to manage advice for pupils, parents and teachers and we have found it difficult to move from making every effort to support our 6th Years to now being directed by the Department of Education & Skills that school ended for 6th Years on 8th May and that our 6th Year teachers must stop all contact with the 6th Years.
There has been both an overload of information and a degree of confusion around some of that information.
We have been awaiting an FAQ document to explain some of the situations that exist across the different subject areas.
We have been receiving emails all morning from teachers as well as pupils.
Please note that we have set up a dedicated email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to take any queries. Please also note that the Guidance Dept., Home School Liaison ( Ms. Marie Therese Doherty ) and the 6th Year Head Mrs. Serena Doherty, are all still available to provide support to our 6th Years.
With regard to the calculated grades the teachers will be using the information they currently have when estimating the calculated grade. When this estimate is sent to the department they will adjust it in accordance with the standardisation process. No marks will be lost because the engagement has stopped at this point.
The teachers themselves would like to be in contact and find this very difficult. Careers advice is still available through the Guidance department.
For any pupils who were considering a change of level ( from Higher to Ordinary ) this can be managed by sending in a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
We will try and respond to all emails and will send out any further information as we receive it.

Please take care of yourselves and try to take a step back from trying to guess all the possible angles about the calculated grades.

Paul Fiorentini