S&C Suite

S&C Suite - Timetable & Terms of Use

The S&C suite will be open at the times below for staff and students outside of school hours from now on. All individuals who wish to use the facility must have completed an induction through Mr. Toland or through their PE teacher in order to access the facility. All students who wish to use the facility must be able to show the teacher in charge (Leader) a written plan of what they intend to do during the session. You will NOT be allowed to access the facility without a clear and appropriate program for your age and physical development. The Leader may ask to see your program at any stage and you must be able to present this to him/her. If you need any help with this speak with your PE teacher for advice on putting a program together.

You are required to act responsibly at all times when using the facility and inappropriate and/or unsafe behaviour in the S&C suite will not be accepted and you will be asked to leave the facility immediately if this is the case. This is in the interest of the Health and Safety of all users.

If you wish to use the facility you must book your place using the google form that will be available on the school website each week. Please ensure that you use this form as spaces will be limited for each session. This form will become live after the halloween break.

If you have any further questions about accessing the facility contact Mr. Toland for more details.

Monday 4.15 - 5.15pm
Tuesday 7.30 - 8.30am & 4.15 - 5.15pm
Wednesday 7.30 - 8.30am; 3.35 - 4.35pm
Thursday 7.30 - 8.30am & 3.35 - 4.35pm (Staff Fitness Class)
Friday 7.30 - 8.30am