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The Guidance Department has compiled a comprehensive (but not exhaustive) set of weblinks relating to educational, career and personal guidance. The list is regularly amended and updated.

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Guidance Award 2017 2

On 11th May, Mr. Liam Harkin was invited to an awards ceremony in Trinity College Dublin where he was presented with an award for the two CCS projects in College Awareness Week 2016. Mr. Harkin was asked to deliver a presentation at the awards ceremony explaining the two projects. One project was called 'Alumni Alma Mater', which involved research by TY students into where all the teaching staff went to college. This was followed by the production of laminated posters with the relevant college logos which were placed on teachers’ doors. The second project was called 'Who Went Where?' This involved researching where the Leaving Cert class of 2016 went and what they were doing. This information was then matched up with their official school photograph and a display was mounted in the Mall.