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College Awareness Week 2019

College Awareness Week photo album

College Awareness Week 2019 took place in schools and colleges across the country from the 18th to 22nd November. A number of other events took place in CCS this week to mark College Awareness Week.

These included...

  • 6th year CCS students had the opportunity to attend LYIT Open Day on Thursday, 21 November.
  • ‘Where did our teachers study?’ signs for all teachers doors. 
  • A wonderful ‘Who Went Where?’ display showing the destinations all our 6th years pupils from 2019.
  • An art competition for Junior Year groups ‘Jobs on the line.’
  • A ‘Look at some of our other jobs’ display showcasing some of the other jobs CCS teachers have had in the past.
  • For our word of the week this week we also had a CAW theme - with apprenticeship being the word of the week!

#CAW2019 #lyitopenday19