Day of Action Raises €7,000 for Charity

Day of Action 2017

Day of Action Fundraiser Presentations photo album

The Annual Day of Action fundraiser once again greatly reflected the generosity of the school community, and Inishowen in general. The school's designated charities - Derry & Donegal Hospices, Donegal Alzheimer's Society & SVP - were presented with €7,000 in total. A huge debt of gratitude is owed to all who contributed in any way to the school's 2017 fundraising effort.

"Sponsor a Bulb" Proceeds Presented to Carndonagh Hospital

Sponsor a Bulb CCS 2017

On Monday, 18th December, Connor Doherty (Fifth Year) presented Finola McColgan (Carndonagh Hospital) with the proceeds of the school's "Sponsor A Bulb" fundraiser. Many thanks to all members of staff who contributed to the fund.

Colour Run Raises €550 for Jigsaw

Colour Run Jigsaw

Pinch, punch start of the month! Gringotts Bank (TY) kicked off March with a splash of colour by holding a 5k colour run at CCS in aid of Jigsaw. On Wednesday, 1st March, First, Second and Transition Year students were seen racing around the school in white, dodging buckets of paint being thrown at them by a few gleeful teachers. The run managed to raise a great sum of €550 for Jigsaw, a very worthy cause that our school has been working very hard for all year. Thanks to everyone who took part and helped with organising and picture-taking. We couldn’t have done it without you. – Gringotts Bank

A Bow-tie-ful Day for Cycle Against Suicide

Cycle Against Suicide Balloon Release

Bow-tie-ful Day for Cycle Against Suicide photo album

Bow-tie-ful Day video

On Friday, 17th February, schools across Ireland went orange for Cycle Against Suicide (#SchoolsGoOrange). CCS went a step further by organising a "Bow-tie-ful day". Over 600 bow ties were made and the majority sold by First Year pupils Caitlin Monagle, Mary Mullen and Aine McKinney. The money raised from the sale of the bow ties will be donated to Jigsaw, an organisation providing mental health advice and support for young people. The activities are part of an overall drive to achieve Ambassador School Status with Cycle Against Suicide. Many thanks to Laura Cobo Ibanez and Mrs. Yvonne O'Brien for the photography.

“It’s OK not to feel OK; and it’s absolutely OK to ask for help.”

Day of Action - €7000 Donated to Designated Charities

Day of Action Donation 2016Derry Hospice

Day of Action Fundraising photo album

In December, thanks to the remarkable efforts of pupils and staff, and the ever-present generosity of the Inishowen community, €7000 was donated to the school's designated charities. The Annual Day of Action 2016 played a central role in the fundraising drive. The Donegal Alzheimer's Society received €3000. Mary Gillen was on hand to accept the cheque on behalf of the Society. The Derry and Donegal Hospices were each presented with €1500. Past-staff member Jim Neary represented both hospices on presentation day. Further donations totalling €1000 were presented to Global Brigades (Sarah Diver & Erin Houghton) and Childreach International (Mary Doherty). A huge debt of gratitude is owed to everyone who assisted in and contributed to fundraising efforts in 2016.

Day of Action - €500 Donated to Global Brigades

Global Bridges Project 2016

Past-pupils Saran Diver and Erin Houghton visited CCS in December to speak to Transition Year pupils about their Global Brigades experience. The school subsequently presented €500 to the Global Brigades project on behalf of the girls and their fantastic efforts to date. The girls take up the story..."Last year we volunteered in Honduras, aided by the sponsorship of the school. We went out on a water and public health brigade with Global Brigades, a non-profit, student-led organisation. In total we were there on an 8-day brigade. For the water aspect of our brigade we were working in the community of Los Huatales. Here we spent three days digging trenches for water pipes to provide a faucet with clean running water to people's homes as they previously didn't have a clean running water supply.

On the fourth day we laid the pipes and filled the trenches back in. In these four days our group of 19 students provided 13 homes with a clean running water supply. Next we moved onto the public health aspect where we spent the remainder of the brigade in two family homes. Here we replaced the dirt floor with concrete to minimise the risk of dirt and disease from insects etc on the floor where young children were crawling about and people would sleep. We also built a sanitation system beside their houses containing a shower, toilet, wash basin and a place to wash clothes. This was again to increase general hygiene and combat dirt and disease. Finally we built an eco-stove which provided the families with a proper place to cook their food. Before this they were using fires in their one room houses and the smoke would stay in the room as there was no proper ventilation. As a result, respiratory problems were rampant, especially among the kids. Additionally we had an education day in the local school where we got to interact with the kids, play marbles and different little games with them, and teach them a few Irish dancing steps. In turn they taught us a traditional Honduran dance as an ice breaker. We also put on a little sketch to stress the importance of only drinking water from a source you know is clean and the danger of germs and illness from drinking dirty water. In July of this year the implantation of clean water in the community we were working in was completed.

In total, 141 homes were provided with clean water and adequate sanitation systems and eco-stoves to improve the community’s prospects. Our in-country translators and co-ordinators sent us all photos of the taps being switched on and it truly warmed our hearts. This year we are once again returning to Honduras, and have recruited another former Carndonagh Community School pupil, Eirn Diver."

This year, Erin (Houghton) and Sarah are themselves organising the brigade to Honduras to provide clean water and sanitation stations in a community near to the one they previously worked in. As well as fundraising, they have to recruit brigaders to go, oversee their fundraising and ensure that they meet their targets. They also have to organise flights and work with Global Brigade workers in Honduras to plan the itinerary and make it as productive as possible. Carndonagh CS wishes the girls all the best as they continue their volunteer work overseas.