Mary Doherty ChildreachOn Thursday, 22nd December, CCS presented Childreach International (represented by past-pupil Mary Doherty) with a cheque for €500 as part of the school's Day of Action fundraising drive. Mary is currently preparing to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro next summer to raise funds for Childreach. Childreach’s vision is that all children have a right to live, learn and play safely and freely. Through projects across Africa, Asia and South America, Childreach have a specific focus on improving access to education to allow children to escape the vicious cycle of poverty.

In Tanzania, Childreach facilitate multiple projects from school hygiene to school farming and education for deaf children. School farming teaches children to grow their own produce, which is then taken and cooked, ensuring that the children have at least one hot meal a day. The project has improved school attendance, bringing the average across schools from 70% to 92%. It has also reduced the average percentage of underweight children in schools from 20% to just 7%. School hygiene projects provide basic hygiene facilities such as toilets, safe drinking water and clean surroundings. Deaf education projects challenge prejudices, build trade skills, teach sign languages and fight for deaf rights. In undertaking this challenge, Mary hopes to help a charity which alters the lives of thousands of poverty stricken children annually.​

Anyone wishing to contribute to Mary's Childreach efforts can do so at