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Camera Club - February Composition Winner

BetterTimesJasmineThe winner for February's theme 'Within my 5km' is...Jasmine Glackin, 5th year : "Better Times to Come". Congratulations! (Click the image for a closer look.) Prize ready for collection! Well done to all entrants. Our March competition theme is 'Movement'. 

Keep those photos of machinery coming in for this week. Next week's mini-theme, starting on Monday 8th Feb is 'Close up'. Fill the frame!

World Book Day - 4th March - Carn Voucher to be Won

World Book Day 2021We have spent more time than ever in our houses this year, but books provide a way to travel without leaving our rooms. This World Book Day, consider how 10 minutes of reading every day can help you discover the world. To celebrate World Book Day in CCS and for a chance to win a €25 voucher, we are asking you to submit the one book that allows you to escape. Share the name of the book, the author and your reason for liking it in no more than 100 words.

Send your entries by Friday, March 12th to

Delicious Pancakes Competition Winners

School-at-home has revealed some previously undiscovered talents among the pupils. Those talents evidently include the artistic preparation of pancakes. The quality was so high across the board that things inevitably became a little competitive. Obviously, everyone's a winner when the results can be eaten...

Congratulations to Aoife Hassan 1H, Caitlin Molloy and Eimear McGonagle 1C on their amazing pancakes.

Runners-up Matthew McLaughlin 1C, Megan Gallagher 1E and Seanann McCaul 1G.

Click an image and browse the gallery of delicious treats... 

Return to School - March 2021 (Dept. of Education Letter to Parents/Guardians)

On Monday 1 March the first four classes at primary level – junior and senior infants, first and second class – and final year Leaving Certificate students will return to in-school provision. This phase will also see a return to full attendance for children in special schools.

Monday 15 March is the target date for the return to in-school provision of the rest of primary school children - third to sixth class students - and fifth year Leaving Certificate students. This date will be reviewed during the period following 1 March.

Monday 12 April, following the Easter break is the target date for the return to in-school education for the rest of post-primary students - first to fourth year students.

Remote teaching and learning provision for students in each category will cease once in-person teaching and learning provision commences for each group of students.

LINK - Full Letter to Parents/Guardians (Department of Education)

Mental Health Support for Pupils & Parents/Guardians

Free Apps & Resources to Support Mental Health

The link below offers a collection of free apps and resources on mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). They are mostly aimed at managing anxiety.

Free Apps & Resources Link

Support for Parents and Guardians from Jigsaw

Parents and guardians are experiencing significant challenges in this current situation, many having to work from home while at the same time juggling childcare and having to ensure that children and young people are doing their bit to adhere to the HSE’s social distancing and hand hygiene guidelines.

Many are being ‘teacher’ as well as ‘parent’, supporting their teenagers to complete school work and trying to maintain the routine of family life. For some of them, their child / young person may be experiencing distress or anxiety at this time. is supporting parents and guardians by providing:

  • Live webinars – where parents can engage in live group chats to share their experiences and get support from a Jigsaw clinician

  • Peer-to-peer content – videos hearing from other parents about their strategies for coping

  • Online courses available for download on the topics of mental health awareness for parents and self-care for parent

Support for Pupils from Jigsaw

All young people across the country are impacted by the current COVID-19 situation; we know that many are experiencing anxiety and fear and all are experiencing social isolation as a result of school and workplace closures and social distancing measures. provides a space where young people can access mental health information, advice and support to help them to deal with the current situation.

As well as the usual information provided by in relation to mental health, all young people can find the following on

  • Free inbound telephone-based mental health supports delivered through a 1800 freephone number targeting all young people, including those awaiting a first appointment forJigsaw’s face-to-face service

  • Regular supportive content on a range of COVID-19 related topics such as anxiety, conflict resolution, relationships, uncertainty and more aiming at offering support and developing self-care strategies for young people through features such as peer-to-peer content, regular vlogs and audiograms from Jigsaw clinicians

  • Anonymous messaging through our ask Jigsaw feature on and through our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email answered by a Jigsaw clinician

  • Twice daily live group chats –scheduled, regular and anonymous online group messaging feature facilitated by Jigsaw clinicians, where young people can share their current experience of COVID-19and get support from others

  • Insta Livepieces - Jigsaw clinician developed content directly published on Instagram (approx. 365,200 users aged 13-24)