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6H Hotel Catering and Tourism - Come Dine With Me

LCA Come Dine With Me

6H LCA Come Dine With Me photo album

As part of our Hotel Catering and Tourism Key Assignment for module two, we planned, practiced, prepared and served a three-course lunch for a group of LCA teachers on Tuesday, 1st October. The students worked hard and had the difficult task of making and tasting their menu choices in the weeks before the ‘BIG DAY’. The students learned a lot - the difference between a fridge and a freezer, how to turn on an oven, that vegetables don’t taste bad, that too much paprika is not good … to name but a few. It was a fantastic, fun learning experience for all involved and I think there are a few budding chefs in the making following the success of the lunch. On the day, the teachers arrived and took their seats at a beautifully laid out table. They were served a choice of starters, main courses and desserts. Some even had two desserts they were so good. The feedback from the teachers has been excellent (Think it went too well, they want another lunch at Christmas!) The students were brilliant; each and every one of them took part in what turned out to be a delicious, well-presented and served lunch.

How the Educational Needs of Students in CCS are Managed

Continuum Of Support CCSParents and teachers often ask how the educational needs of students are managed within schools. The system of allocating resources based on learning difficulties has been replaced by a more inclusive and perhaps fairer way through the Continuum of Support. There are three levels or stages within the continuum. All students are supported within whole school approaches. The subject teacher has overall responsibility for differentiating their subject to meets the needs of all students in their classes. However, some students require further support. 

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TYC Tourism Module - Greencastle & Moville

TYC Tourism 2019

TYC Tourism Module photo album

Report by TYC

On Wednesday, 2nd October we all got on the bus to depart from the school at 10am. We headed to Moville then on to Greencastle.

The Foyle Hotel:
We arrived at the Foyle Hotel and met the owner and head chef, Brian McDermott. He gave us a talk about his experience in the food industry, the importance of food, food development and nutrition in the diet. He also mentioned how wellbeing and mindfulness is very important in everyday life. Brian is currently writing his third cook book. His last book 'Donegal Table' won the prize in China for the best cook book in the world in 2019. We then got back on the bus and made our way to the Moville Boutique Hostel.

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