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“Boxing” Down the Barriers to Reading

Book Boxes DEAR

On Friday morning it was "all hands on books” in Room 206 as reading material was sorted, counted and boxed. To our delight, the final tally revealed that we had received 1,100 books as part of our ’Book Drive’. As we began delivering the book boxes to teachers, excitement was rife. Some staff and students were even caught sampling the new reading material.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. Due to the huge success, we are extending the Book Drive for another month. We can’t wait to see everyone reading when D.E.A.R begins on Monday!

Staff (and Friends) v TY GAA Match

Anita Doherty Spin

Staff v TY GAA Match photo album

The TYs started with a strong side. Shaun McCarron caused trouble for the ageing legs of the teachers. Luke Davy was a standout player in the first half. Sam Bogan played very well for the teachers and held the ball well. The teachers got off to an early lead. However, as the game continued, they began to drop off the pace as their fitness was tested. Going in at half-time, the TYs looked better despite being quite far behind.

At half-time, I talked to David McGonigle who said “We are unstoppable going forward. However, it’s the simple things we’re messing up. I think we have a chance to win this game. It’s there for the taking!” I asked him, “Are there any leaders in this team?” “Yes…I am!”, he said. “I inspire everyone around me.” (He was subbed at half-time.) He noted that the standout players in the first half were Robert Mullally, Tony Meehan and Adam McFeely.

As the second half started, the TYs looked better with Shane Owen causing trouble. As a corner-forward, he instantly scored a goal, followed by a point. The supporters behind the goal sang “Shane Owen’s on fire…Your defence is petrified!” He continued to cause mayhem. His teammates had this to say…”He’s a legend!”…“It’s simple math. Give the ball to Shane and he will score.” (Meanwhile…) The game ended with the teachers winning; Sam Bogan scored one final goal to add to his tally, ensuring that he walked away with the Top Goalscorer Award. His final goal came from David McGonigle giving the ball away. David really let his team down with that one. (Never mind the fact that the Teachers were leading by about 25 points at that stage…) If the game would have lasted just a little bit longer, there’s no doubt in my mind that the TYs would have won. You have to keep in mind that the Teachers couldn’t put forward a full team and had to use senior pupils. The TY pupils ran to Shane Owen after the final whistle and lifted him high above their heads, as he is a true force of nature. I asked him for a few words after the game, but he said he didn't want to talk about it...Hero!

– Paul Shiels, TYA

Pétanque Tournament - European Day of Languages

Pétanque Tournament 2017

Pétanque Tournament 2017 photo album

On Friday the 29th September we helped to organise a Pétanque competition for the 2nd and 3rd year French students with Ms. Mc Goldrick. The students were divided up into teams of three. Each team played the other teams in different rounds till the two remaining teams played in the final. The aim of the game is to roll the ball as close to the ‘jack’ (the small ball) as possible. The team who owns the ball closest to the ‘jack’ wins the round and progresses on to the next round while the other team is knocked out. The winners of the first 2nd year group were Shaun, Brendan and Donna. The next 2nd year group winners were David, Therese and Emmet. The 3rd year group winners were Ciara, Stephen and Christopher. We then played a round with all the boys competing and a separate round where all the girls competed to determine the two best players. The winners of the best player round were Stephen and Tori. All the winners were awarded a trophy which was presented by our special guest, county player Clara Mc Laughlin. Ms Mc Goldrick would like to thank the school for sponsoring the trophies and to say well done to every student who took was a great day of pétanque!