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Caitlin's Tractor Run raises over €5000

Caitlin Tractor Run

Fifth year student Caitlín McGonigle, supported by her dad Noel, recently took part in a 280km journey from Dublin to Mayo on her late grandfather Paddy’s vintage tractor, a Massey Ferguson 35x. Caitlin’s grandfather drove the same Massey last September from Mizen Head to Malin Head rasing €12,000 for Croí Heart and Stroke and Beaumont Hospital. After meeting the Dublin to Mayo committee on his journey, he agreed to come back to take part in Dublin to Mayo, this time sharing the drive with Caitlín. After Paddy’s very sudden passing in November, Caitlín decided to do the run on her own in his memory. Caitlín raised €5,500 which will be split between The National Rehabilitation Centre in Dublin and the Special Baby Care Units in Mullingar and Castlebar. Caitlín then raised a further €500 for Croí Heart and Stroke, her and her family benefitting from the facilities when her mum spent time in Galway Hospital last year. Caitlín was shocked when she realised how many local people needed to use these four facilities. Caitlín says this was an experience she will never forget, even though she wished her granda could have been here to do it with her. She also said she met loads of new people she hopes to stay in contact with and was overwhelmed with the support. Caitlín hopes to continue to do an event for charity annually and is in planning mode for her next adventure.

Junk Kouture Final 2019 – Thursday, 2nd May

Junk Kouture 2019

Congratulations to the four teams from Carndonagh CS who have made it through to the Grand Final of Junk Kouture. Ms. McDermott and Ms. McGee will accompany these teams to the 3 Arena on Thursday, 2nd May. Seventeen teams from each region have made it through to the final. Click on the team names below to get a close-up of our fantastic four...

Acero - Aisling Doherty (model) Keelan Doherty and Kelsey McLaughlin

Aphrodite - Anais Doherty (model), Demi Donaghy and Sally Matthews

Bad and Boujee - Katie Doherty (model) and Aimee Porter

Cerasus - Amanda Duncan (model), Shaunah Ivers, Megan Doherty and Laura Doherty

Junk Kouture Final 2019 - Cerasus

Cerasus JK Dress Team

Our dress was crafted with various shades of wooden veneer - scraps from a kitchen company and our woodwork rooms - and also leftover wicker from baskets made at our Christmas craft fayre in the school. We used cherrywood , walnut and birch. We used our skills of weaving and looping to create the unique pattern on our dress. We chose the name ‘Cerasus’ as it is Latin for cherry; we used cherrywood in our dress.

Overall, our Junk Kouture experience has been amazing! We thoroughly cannot believe how far we’ve come in this competition and are truly thankful for the support that we have received to date. Junk Kouture was by far the best experience we had throughout our whole year of Transition Year. On the 2nd of May we will be attending the Junk Kouture 2019 Grand Final in the 3 Arena in Dublin to showcase our creation and hopefully take our Junk Kouture journey one step further. 

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Junk Kouture Final 2019 - Bad and Boujee Team

Bad and Boujee Dress Team

Our dress is called ‘Bad and Boujee’. It is made from an old scarf and old pieces of jewellery (beads and pearls), lace from old curtains and elastic from old sports gear (shorts and shinguard straps). We got our inspiration from Coco Chanel. Coco Chanel has a feminine standard of style; she is also a businesswoman and a French fashion designer. She wanted to stop uncomfortable clothing such as corsets. We worked on this dress for 3 months. The beads were all hand beaded and hand sewn. We really brought the Kouture to Junk Kouture! We really enjoyed working on our dress and we are very proud and happy with how far we have come. We're looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends backstage, and just having a great time.

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Junk Kouture Final 2019 - Aphrodite Team

Aphrodite JK Dress Team

My friends and I decided to do Junk Kouture as we are interested in fashion and thought it would be a fun way for us to spend time together. We started thinking of ideas around October. Our original thought was that we would make a jumpsuit. We looked up ideas on Pinterest and researched different recyclable materials. In the end, we decided to use old lace and crochet as our main material, which mostly came from our attics and from charity shops. We drew inspiration from different images and from designers such as Elie Saab and Valentino.
Around November we began work on our dress. Using sugar and boiling water, we stiffened and shaped lace flowers to make a statement shoulder piece. Once the shoulder piece was finished, it became easier to see what direction the dress was going in. We added in dried rose petals to create a vintage feel, as well as pearls.

One of our main obstacles was deciding what to do with the skirt. We tried many different designs as we wanted to make sure it was different and stood out. We finally decided to make it a long skirt with a train. We sewed in various materials and added flowers made from plastic milk cartons and book paper. We built up the hips with more stiffened lace and dried roses.
While working on the dress, we were also creating our accessories. Our headpiece was sculpted out of fishnet, with various jewels and flowers added in. Our shoes were ones we purchased from a charity shop and upcycled to make them suit our dress better. We also made a hand piece out of lace and pearls.

Finally, our whole outfit was done around February. It was amazing to see something we had been working on for so long finally come together! We got help from an English teacher in our school and decided to name it Aphrodite, after the Greek goddess of love. Junk Kouture is something we are so glad we experienced. One of our highlights was attending the Northern Regional Finals and then getting through to the Grand Final in Dublin. This was a very proud moment for us, and it was great to see that all our hard work had paid off. 
Junk Kouture is an amazing way to get creative and put all your wildest ideas out there. Of course, the main point of Junk Kouture is to recycle and give things that would usually be thrown away a new life. This is a very important topic and it’s great to see so many other young people getting involved. We are very glad we did Junk Kouture as it has brought us closer. It’s an experience we will never forget.

By Sally Mathews, Anais Doherty, Demi Donaghy

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Junk Kouture Final 2019 - Acero Team

Acero JK Dress Team

Our dress "Acero" is made using scrap pieces of aluminium and old jewellery. We wanted to create an outfit for women empowerment and to show that women can be both beautiful and strong. We manipulated the metal by bending and weaving it which allowed us to create a garment that flatters the female figure. We chose to work with metal as it is a hard material, so we wanted to make it appear soft and elegant.

This experience has taught us many things. Firstly, how to co-operate and work together. Secondly, how much admiration we have for everyone who works behind the scenes and prepare the dress for the shows. It has really shown us how both challenging and fun it is to create recycled fashion.

Some challenges we faced were that backstage before the show. The model could not put some pieces of the dress on herself without teammates staying behind; the task was nearly impossible. So getting assistance from other contestants was a great help to us and greatly appreciated.

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