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Mental Health Awareness Week - 12th-16th October

In memory of the late Donal Walsh, Class TYA have decided to host a Mental Health Awareness Week in the school from 12th to 16th October. Loads of activities will take place, including a 'Colour Day'. Details of activities will be posted online throughout the week. Find out more about mental health issues in Ireland and the services that are available at

Dyslexia Awareness Day - Thursday, 8th October

DyslexiapdfDyslexic & Famous! Try the (not especially) cryptic quiz!

October 8th is Dyslexia Awareness Day. Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty which affects the acquisition of fluent reading and spelling skills. Dyslexic difficulties occur on a spectrum from mild to severe. There are different strands of dyslexia and it does not affect all people in the same way. Approximately 10% of the population is affected. This means that one in ten students may be dyslexic.

CCS is striving to be a dyslexia friendly school where all people with dyslexia are enabled to fulfil their potential, where every student with dyslexia has access to appropriate identification and support to achieve their full potential in education. There are many ways in which a mainstream teacher can support a student with dyslexia in their subject: providing typed notes, encouraging colour coding of timetables, using audiobooks, mind maps, charts/diagrams, differentiated work/homework, changing fonts to comic sans, using blue markers on whiteboards, and many more.

The Dyslexia Association of Ireland has one theme for Dyslexia Awareness Week: “Small Change – Big Impact” as small changes in practice and policy can have a big impact on improving the lives of people with dyslexia. CCS is encouraging staff to make one small change to support our students with dyslexia.
For more information see for useful tips for parents and teachers.

Staff Teach Pupils a Lesson in Gaelic Football

For the last two class periods on Friday, 2nd October, the majority of the school population surrounded the GAA pitch for the annual Staff v TY match. Two versions of the match report are currently being written. However, what's clear is that the final score was "roughly" 2-12 to 3-06 in favour of the Staff. While the final score may be subject to change, what's certain is that the Staff won...again! And that will never change...

Staff v TY GAA Match photo album

Staff v TY GAA 2015

Fionnbar Walsh (#LiveLife) Visits CCS

Fionnbar Walsh Visit
On Tuesday, 15th September, Fionnbar Walsh paid a visit to CCS and shared a very special questions and answers session with Transition Year pupils. Most people are now familiar with the extraordinary life of Donal Walsh, the Kerry teenager who was diagnosed with Osteo Sarcoma (Bone Cancer) as a 12-year-old. While Donal eventually lost his life to the disease, he inspired a nation with his #LiveLife organisation, characterised by his open letter to the nation. Donal's father, Fionnbar has carried the torch for his inspirational son, and has taken Donal's moving story of death and life to schools around the country. Carndonagh CS would like to thank Fionnbar for his visit. A visit to is highly recommended.