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Flames, Flashes and Frozen Flowers – Putting the WOW into Science!

ScienceFlames, Flashes and Frozen Flowers photo album

On Friday, 5th January, a selection of students attended a Chemistry Magic Show – “Flames, Flashes and Frozen Flowers – putting the WOW into Science”. This show was created and presented by Dr. Sarah Hayes who you may have seen exploding ping pong balls with liquid nitrogen on “The Late Late Show”. The show lived up to its rather dramatic billing and was enjoyed by all. The students also benefited from a careers talk in the afternoon detailing the range of science courses available at third level.

Christmas Shoe Box Appeal Receives Overwhelming Response

One generous pupil in CCS might recognise this Frozen CD (front page, Derry Journal), which was donated along with sixty-five shoe boxes full of gifts to the Christmas Shoebox Appeal. The school would like to acknowledge the "overwhelming response" from the people of Inishowen, our pupils included, to the appeal.Shoe Box Appeal

Man Utd Trip 2015

Man Utd Trip 2015

Man Utd Trip 2015 photo album

On Saturday, 19th December, a group of thirty-two 1st and 2nd year students set off for the annual Old Trafford Trip. The result was a 2-1 win for Norwich City. While the result wasn't what was hoped for, the group made the most of their time in and around the ground after the game. They had an overnight stay in Leigh Sports Village before travelling to Walsall v Port Vale. As the group disembarked the bus at the League One Bescot Stadium, police questioned Mr. Havlin as to whether or not the tour was sponsored by Hollister. The group took time out of their trip to pose for a photo with former Blackpool manager and Sky Sports pundit, Ian Holloway before entering the ground. The result was a 2-0 win for the home team. The group then visited Cheshire Oaks Outlet for a bit of shopping before heading home. A big thank you to Mr. O'Kane, Mr. John Collins, Mr. Niall Havlin and Ms. Anita Doherty for making the tour possible.

(Ed. Well, that's another year without fitting in the long-promised Leeds match. They won, of course! But let's be honest, at the end of the day, the Man U and Walsall games threw up a couple of nice results. And we have to remember that it's all about the kids, who thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. The banter was good. "The funniest thing ever" happened at least six or seven times a day. But the burning question remains unanswered - "Who's Travis?"...That was the Man Utd Trip 2015. Might be nice to see a European game at Old Trafford next year. What you reckon, Mr. Humphries? I know Thursday night probably doesn't suit everyone...)

JCSP Summer Celebration 2015

JCSP 2015

JCSP Christmas Celebration 2015 photo album

Once again, the JCSP Christmas Celebration was a huge success thanks to all the people involved - staff, pupils and parents. The Coffee Dock was illuminated with the high spirits of the students, plus a few Christmas lights here and there. The celebration kicked off with a round of Bingo (apparently not for the oldies!) followed by our guest speaker, Jason Black (adventurer and mountaineer). Jason gave an inspiring talk to the pupils on the challenges that he faced in preparation for climbing Mount Everest, and the climb itself. The celebration came to a close with tea, coffee and loads of goodies.

Adiós to our Pupils from Spain

Spanish Farewell

Spanish Farewell photo album

To Natalia, Jorge, Victor, Cecilia, Javier, Carlos, Cecilia, Victor, Elena, Maria, Ana, Angel and Teresa, we say adiós amigos! If they look like they enjoyed their time in CCS, that's because they did! The Coffee Dock and Library will feel a little emptier after Christmas, not to mention a little quieter! But don't worry, a handful of los estudiantes will be returning in January to liven things up again...

A Night at the Movies - The Album

Night Movies Stage

'A Night at the Movies' photo album (courtesy of Nathan McLaughlin)

The eagerly awaited production of 'A Night at the Movies' finally arrived at CCS at the end of November. Students performed to sell-out audiences and created a real excitement in the school, community and beyond. Almost two weeks on from opening night and people are still talking about the show and about the talented cast of young performers. It was a terrific run; a huge thank you to our entire cast, for their hard work and dedication in making the show such a success. "A Night at the Movies - The Video" is currently in production and is due to be released after Christmas.