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Fill in the form below and become part of our Chronicle, charting 45 years of Carndonagh Community School.

Carndonagh Community School opened on 1st August 1973. In 2018 we will be commemorating and celebrating 45 years of the school. To mark the event, we hope to bring together the recollections and reminiscences of as many of our past pupils (and staff) as possible, with a view to compiling a chronicle of memories. Our aim is to have contributions from every year – 1973-2018. We have past pupils all over Ireland and all over the world, and also a great many who stayed in Inishowen. Everyone has their story and we want to hear it. If you left after a year to go to a factory, building site or farm, or went on to become a doctor, TD or barrister, your story is valuable to us. There are several ways to contact us (besides filling in the form below)…

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Using the form below, we're asking people to contribute their memories of CCS, and also offer some details of life after CCS. Any relevant photographs (then and now) would be greatly appreciated. Get in touch, stay in touch and inform your friends as we journey through fact, myth and nostalgia...

To jog your memory, have a look at the pdfInis Dúinn 30th Anniversary Magazine. You're in there...somewhere!

If you want a hard copy of this form, please call 074 9374260 with your request and we will post it out.

Personal Information

Abiding memories of Carndonagh Community School

Sports Teams; Choirs; Trips & Tours; Concerts; Musicals; Fifth Year Functions / Formals; Ski Trip; Public Speaking Teams; Bomb Scares; Gas Leaks; Other...

Or maybe your memory has faded a little over the years...Here are a few suggestions that might help jog some recollections:

First Day memories
Last Day memories
Funniest memory
Funniest thing said / Memorable quotes
Greatest character you met
A standout talent
A school function you attended
Any classroom that you really remember being in 
The best advice you were given in CCS
Notable people who visited the school
The bus journey to/from school
Ceilis in the Atlantic or the Lilac

Life since leaving Carndonagh Community School

We are interested in what people have done since leaving school. We would like our Chronicle to reflect the great variety of stories that our past pupils have to tell - from the ordinary, to the extraordinary, to the bizarre, and everything in between.

One past pupil has told us of his journey from Leaving Cert Applied to running his own business; another has recounted her work in Wormwood Scrubs Prison; yet another has described his experiences on an aid convoy to Palestine that was impounded by the Israelis. EVERYONE has a story to tell. Please tell us yours…

Can we contact you for further details? If so, please provide:

Can we contact you for further details? If so, please provide:

A few snaps...

We always appreciate a few photos (then and now). For convenience, use the photo upload facility below. (You can attach up to four photos on this form.)