CCS RugbyThe boys’ senior rugby team kicked off their season on Wednesday, 29th November, when Mr. McNally retreated from teaching to take the team to Rainey. A young PJ Callaghan was told he was going to the hill and Stephen Kelly was handed a Mars Dar Duo to force them both to play. It was too tempting an offer for Kelly to turn down. The team felt defeated from the beginning when team hero Christopher Gill couldn’t go due to international duty against New Zealand; good luck Christopher!! From the whistle, team captain Finin MacLochlainn, an all-around phenomenal person on and off the pitch, dump-tackled the other captain off the field. The CCS lads piled on the pressure until a mistake caused the Rainey boys to score under the posts. Birthday boy Connor Bambrick retaliated with a compelling run down the wing to score. Runs from Stephen Kelly, PJ Callaghan and Michael Harkin constantly forced the Rainey defence back. Poetry in motion occurred when Stephen got the ball, steamrolled an unsuspecting Rainey prop and offloaded to Finín, who performed a perfectly timed one handed passed to Eoin Hela, who reminded the crowd of a young Michael Flatley, spinning like there was no tomorrow.

The Inishowen scrum dominated the whole 70 minutes, with the backs disappointing as usual. Darragh McCormick was invisible, except for when he shouted for Connor Bambrick to carry him and do his own job at the same time. It was then up to Ulster star Stephan Kelly to pick up a Rainy man and carry him half the length of the field, only for McCormick to once again let the team down by not being able to tackle. Ultan Doherty then made a dodgy enough run. We aren’t sure how he managed to do it and I don’t think he was sure himself, but it got the job done when he crossed the white line to put the scores level. The CCS men weren’t going to let the heads go down just yet. The ball went from 22 to 22 until Mark Scott missed a tackle, to which he excused himself - “I seen a Massey driving past”...the opposition capitalised. You should have seen Connor Bambrick running. He looked like a milk bottle on fire. Things went from bad to worse when Sean Carroll tore a hamstring after his relentless efforts from the sidelines - keeping the lads hydrated - for which he was rewarded with Man of the Match. Two late tries from Rainey in the last few minutes came down to fitness...and Connor Quigley having to fix his hair every 14.9 seconds. It was a great game of rugby and a great experience to prepare Mr. McNally's troops for the upcoming game against Columba’s. See you then folks!