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Attendance Hero CCSAt the start of the year we launched our attendance initiative, the H.E.R.O campaign amongst our first year classes. Our aim is to encourage our pupils from the beginning to be Here Every day, Ready and On time. Good attendance is so important to their progress in school and studies have proven over the years that, those who attend well, do better in all aspects of school life. At the end of each month, all first years who fulfil the above criteria will have their names entered into a raffle. In each class there will be one HERO of the month drawn at random. These students will receive a voucher for the canteen or tuck shop in school. At the end of each term then, all first years who have shown themselves to be HEROes will be entered into a draw for a prize e.g A family trip to the cinema or a voucher for a family meal out. These prizes will be awarded at an assembly. Every month, students get a fresh start to be the HERO of the month for their class. Good luck everyone!