Rosscor Residenbtia lTY 2019

TY Rosscor Residentials photo album

The first TY cohort headed off to Rosscor on 21st October for their two-night Residential. Upon arrival the students were faced with their first challenge - making their bed, which required putting on a duvet cover and a pillow slip. Some were naturals while others were obviously first-timers. Beds made and it was off to get ready for activity 1 - kayaking and water trampolining. Day 2 Activity - bus drive to Mullaghmore where the TYs did pier jumping, swimming and jumping off a rather high platform. Ms. Farren was quite happy to observe and look after personal belongings. (Well someone had to do it!) Afternoon activity saw the TYs climb a hill although some did refer to it as a mountain - it was a small hill! After dinner all students gathered around the camp fire, singing, dancing and toasting marshmallows. The zipline in the dark through the forest was quite a scary experience, and one not to be repeated. Great bunch and a wonderful three days. Thanks to Sean, Shannon and Glenn. Also to the leaders in Rosscor and of course our wonderful chef.