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Politics Pupils @ Dáil & Claire Byrne Live

Politics Dail Visit 2020

Dáil Visit and Claire Byrne Live photo album

Nineteen Politics pupils from CCS were in the audience for a special edition of the Claire Byrne Show on Monday, 2nd March. Understandably, the Coronavirus dominated proceedings. The episode turned out to be a reassuring step-by-step guide to managing the outbreak. Several of the pupils were itching to ask a question, but they just couldn't find the right moment...To see a live broadcast from the perspective of an audience member really underlines how slick an operation live television is. Claire Byrne is definitely at the top of her game! It's a pity the show only starts at 10.30pm. Getting home at half four in the morning is a bit of a handling! The day had started out in the Dáil, where the group were welcomed at the gates by Minister for Education, Joe McHugh. That was followed by a very informative tour of the upper and lower houses of the Oireachtas. Monday is a non-sitting day, so the Healy-Raes et al were operating in their local constituencies. The trip to Dublin is becoming an annual event for Politics pupils and it definitely offers a useful angle on the subject.

Ski Trip to Andalo

Ski Trip Andalo 2020

Ski Trip to Andalo 2020 photo album

The first of two ski trips this year saw 41 students and 4 staff head off to Andalo, Italy during the Mocks Exams. It's the second time the school has been in this area of the Trentino Valley. The weather was a world away from what Ireland has been experiencing over the past week with conditions pretty much perfect. Pupils are now looking ahead to the second ski trip to Folgarida (Italy) which takes place during the mid-term break.

Ski Trip - 2019 Preview / 2018 Review

Ski Trip 2019 Preview
The 2019 ski tour will bring us to Folgaria, Italy. We have 73 students going this year. The places have been booked since March and the second instalment is due before the 25th May. Please bring this to Mr Havlin before 8.55 am. Check out the following website to have a look at our resort.

Ski Trip 2018 RreviewSki Trip 2018

PHOTO ALBUM - Ski Trip 2018

This year, the school took the largest number of students skiing as a single group. 100 students and 13 staff went to Grandvalira in Andorra for the February midterm. The weather was fantastic for most of the week but we did get a few hours of heavy snow on the slopes. Most of the students caught on to the skiing within a few days. Highlights of the trip saw 2 students stuck in a 2 foot hole, a student wiping herself out while recording another student skiing, a teacher accidently knocking over a poor student who was standing minding his own business, skiing in the fun park, the light show at the swimming poor, the cold pool in the Roman bath and off course, the disco. The hotel was very nice and rooms were clean. The food was not far of normal but McDonalds and Subway had to be tried. All in all it was a good week. It was not a relaxing holiday due to the lack of sleep. However it was a good week and there are plenty of memories and stories brought home.

Gaeltacht Trip 2018

Gaeltacht Trip 2018

PHOTO ALBUM - Gaeltacht Trip 2018

After a slightly delayed 8:30 (9:00) start, we were off to the wilderness that is Coláiste Chú Chulainn, Gaoth Dobhair. ‘Buachaillí agus cailíní’, alike went ‘chun Gaeilge a fhoghlaim le spórt agus spraoi’.

The first stop was Glenveagh, where we walked and walked, and walked some more in the sun to Glenveagh castle. There was a lot of ‘uachtar reoití’ bought and we toured the gardens. Then it was onto the bus and on to the ‘tithe’ where we were greeted by our ‘Bean an Tís’ and a lovely lunch. After lunch we had ‘ranganna’ in the sun with the company of some questionable dogs….The céilí of musical statues and the €20 ‘duais’ was won by a mad shuffle up and down the hall.

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Ski Trip to Andorra, February 2017

Ski Trip Andorra 2017

Ski Trip to Andorra photo album

This year saw 49 students and 15 teachers hit the slopes of Andorra during the February midterm. The bus left the school at 11.30pm Friday 11th February and made its way to Dublin Airport for the flight to Barcelona. During the day both students and teachers had 4 hrs of lessons and took part in some questionable skiing! At night, we were allowed out to explore the town. On Tuesday the school graced the local award-winning pool and spa with their presence then hit the club on Thursday night, leaving Andorra with a bang. Many won prizes for skills and best comeback, as well as an award for keeping the party going...The last day was spent in Barcelona where the group took a quick sightseeing escapade followed by some last minute souvenir shopping. They then headed to the airport to the sound of Mr. Havlin and Mr. Humphries' favourite playlists. Students got to bed around 4am on Saturday, some on crutches but all alive and happy to be home.

Ellen Simmons and Brigid Doherty (TY)

Man Utd Trip 2015

Man Utd Trip 2015

Man Utd Trip 2015 photo album

On Saturday, 19th December, a group of thirty-two 1st and 2nd year students set off for the annual Old Trafford Trip. The result was a 2-1 win for Norwich City. While the result wasn't what was hoped for, the group made the most of their time in and around the ground after the game. They had an overnight stay in Leigh Sports Village before travelling to Walsall v Port Vale. As the group disembarked the bus at the League One Bescot Stadium, police questioned Mr. Havlin as to whether or not the tour was sponsored by Hollister. The group took time out of their trip to pose for a photo with former Blackpool manager and Sky Sports pundit, Ian Holloway before entering the ground. The result was a 2-0 win for the home team. The group then visited Cheshire Oaks Outlet for a bit of shopping before heading home. A big thank you to Mr. O'Kane, Mr. John Collins, Mr. Niall Havlin and Ms. Anita Doherty for making the tour possible.

(Ed. Well, that's another year without fitting in the long-promised Leeds match. They won, of course! But let's be honest, at the end of the day, the Man U and Walsall games threw up a couple of nice results. And we have to remember that it's all about the kids, who thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. The banter was good. "The funniest thing ever" happened at least six or seven times a day. But the burning question remains unanswered - "Who's Travis?"...That was the Man Utd Trip 2015. Might be nice to see a European game at Old Trafford next year. What you reckon, Mr. Humphries? I know Thursday night probably doesn't suit everyone...)