Ski Trip Andorra 2017

Ski Trip to Andorra photo album

This year saw 49 students and 15 teachers hit the slopes of Andorra during the February midterm. The bus left the school at 11.30pm Friday 11th February and made its way to Dublin Airport for the flight to Barcelona. During the day both students and teachers had 4 hrs of lessons and took part in some questionable skiing! At night, we were allowed out to explore the town. On Tuesday the school graced the local award-winning pool and spa with their presence then hit the club on Thursday night, leaving Andorra with a bang. Many won prizes for skills and best comeback, as well as an award for keeping the party going...The last day was spent in Barcelona where the group took a quick sightseeing escapade followed by some last minute souvenir shopping. They then headed to the airport to the sound of Mr. Havlin and Mr. Humphries' favourite playlists. Students got to bed around 4am on Saturday, some on crutches but all alive and happy to be home.

Ellen Simmons and Brigid Doherty (TY)