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The senior boys soccer team continued their All-Ireland Final preparations on Tuesday, 8th March when they took the gym's new suite of bikes for a spin! The boys were properly put through their paces by their instructor, Mr. Sam Bogan. Mr Martin Cavanagh has gone to great lengths to ensure that nothing is left to chance in advance of arguably the biggest soccer game involving the school in decades. You know it's a big deal when the media are calling you. On Tuesday, Johnny Craig from the Inish Times called by to interview several players and Mr. Cavanagh, while also taking a few photos for the two-page preview which will appear in this week's edition. CCS would like to thank Shane and Kevin of Doherty's Centra, Muff for their kind sponsoring of the matchday water.

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Shane Doherty of Doherty's Centra, Muff presents the team with a caseful of bottled water for the All-Ireland Final on Friday, 11th March.