"Throwback Thursday"

"Throwback Thursday" - 1982 - Computing?...It'll Never Work!

The lives of '80s kids were inevitably going to be guided by, then dominated by personal computing. 1982 was a particularly significant year for technology - the Commodore 64 was born. For current pupils who are unfamiliar with the Commodore experience, think PlayStation for your grandparents. The C64 was invented to do important stuff, but became a rudimentary games console. By 1994, when it was eventually discontinued, 22 million machines had been sold. Not bad for what would now be considered an oversized calculator. Not surprisingly, the 1982 edition of Inis Dúinn was littered with references to the relatively new concept of personal computing, which was fully embraced in CCS; the school was a leader of the revolution at local level. The computer termonology of the early days would leave present day users scratching their heads. The era of "paper tape input" and "visual display units" is gone but not forgotten. Hats off to those who embraced the "silicone revolution" in Carndonagh CS. The prophets of doom and non-believers assured us that the grand experiment in personal computing would fail, and anyone who upgraded to Windows Vista would agree. 1982 was the best year computing ever had...

Silicone Revolution CCS

Careers Computing

"Throwback Thursday" - 1987 - Haughey, Roche and The Lottery

In 1987, the National Lottery was formed, Stephen Roche won an unlikely Treble (Giro d'Italia, Tour de France and the World Championship) and Charlie Haughey was back in the Taoiseach's Office...In CCS, the newly-introduced school uniform was met with the (almost) total approval of the student population. Judging by an Inis Dúinn article addressing the issues of the nation that year, the more things change in Ireland, the more they stay the same. See also the staff photo from 1987. It may be of grainy quality (the photo, not the staff), but it should be easy enough to work out who's still here. Clearly, the photo only includes half the staff. If anyone can come up with a photo of the other half circa '87, we'd be delighted. (Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)

Some Fourth Years just weren't ready to say bye-bye to incredible jumpers...

Uniforms 1987

Staff 1987Take a closer look at the 1987 school staff photo...

Inis Dúinn 1987

"Throwback Thursday" - A Retrospective Look at CCS

In anticipation of the school's all-new student newspaper, every Thursday for the next few months we'll be taking a retrospective glance at life in CCS pre-2000 - a time when local news was spread by conversation and the radio. In those days, the intercom was our text service and word of mouth was our website. ZODIAC did (and still does) a good job of sending information home. Inis Dúinn, the school magazine, generally summed the whole thing up in one annual publication. We've decided to inject a bit of nostalgia into people's Thursday evenings by resurrecting the pages of Inis Dúinn (and ZODIAC) from the 70s, 80s and 90s. The potential for wistfulness is high (and a wee bit of embarrassment can't be ruled out). Since 2015/16 has already been a very good year for sport in CCS, we're going back to another great year - 1985 - when bowling was a sport and our pupils were pretty good. Sadly, 1985 wasn't a good year for 'The GAA Blow In', but it's hard to please them all...Enjoy!

Inis Dúinn 1985

Inis Dúinn 1985 2

Inis Dúinn 1985 3

Inis Dúinn 1985 4