In anticipation of the school's all-new student newspaper, every Thursday for the next few months we'll be taking a retrospective glance at life in CCS pre-2000 - a time when local news was spread by conversation and the radio. In those days, the intercom was our text service and word of mouth was our website. ZODIAC did (and still does) a good job of sending information home. Inis Dúinn, the school magazine, generally summed the whole thing up in one annual publication. We've decided to inject a bit of nostalgia into people's Thursday evenings by resurrecting the pages of Inis Dúinn (and ZODIAC) from the 70s, 80s and 90s. The potential for wistfulness is high (and a wee bit of embarrassment can't be ruled out). Since 2015/16 has already been a very good year for sport in CCS, we're going back to another great year - 1985 - when bowling was a sport and our pupils were pretty good. Sadly, 1985 wasn't a good year for 'The GAA Blow In', but it's hard to please them all...Enjoy!

Inis Dúinn 1985

Inis Dúinn 1985 2

Inis Dúinn 1985 3

Inis Dúinn 1985 4