Carndonagh Community School Policies

pdfAcceptable Use Policy (Internet) (Amended 6th January 2011)
pdfAccess Policy (Amended 21st January 2016)

pdfAlcohol, Tobacco & Drug Use Policy (Approved 16th March 2017)

pdfAttendance, Absence and Rolls (Approved 29th March 2012)
pdfAnti-Bullying Policy (Approved 16th March 2017) 
pdfCareer Breaks and Job-Sharing (Department Circular Letter 0010/2011)

pdfCareer Breaks (School Policy) (Approved 24th March 2011)

pdfCritical Incident Policy/Plan (Approved 16th March 2017)

pdfCCTV Systems (As of 2015)

pdfCode of Behaviour (Adopted 16th March 2017)

pdfCode of Professional Conduct for Teachers (June 2012)

pdfComplaints Procedures (Parents)

pdfData Protection (15th March 2018)
pdfDignity in the Workplace
pdfEnrolment and Admissions (Approved 4th May 2017)

pdfExternal Candidates Leaving Cert. (Approved 25th February 2010)
pdfFireworks and Bangers (Approved 26th April 2007)
pdfFund-raising (Approved 29th November 2018)
pdfInternet Safety / Responsible Use Policy (Approved 6th January 2011)

pdfJob Adverts / Vacancies / Outcome of Interviews (Approved 25th June 2009)
pdfiPods & mp3 Players

pdfLeaving Cert Applied Policy (As of 2015)

pdfLockers Policy
pdfMobile Phones BAN (Approved 16th March 2017)

pdfParental Leave | pdfDownload Parental Leave Form

pdfProtected Disclosure Policy (Approved 25th August 2016)
pdfPupil Behaviour & Rules

pdfPupil Cars

pdfSchool Rules
pdfSchool Tours / Outings / Trips 
pdfSchool Tour Checklist

pdfSchool Uniform (Approved 7th December 2017)
pdfS Class (Code of Behaviour)

pdfSick Leave (Department Circular 0036/2012) (2nd November 2012)
pdfSick Leave / Absence / Attendance (Teaching Staff) (Ammended 17th January 2013) 

pdfSmoke-free Workplace Policy (Amended 2nd December 2016)

pdfSTAFF CPD Support (Approved 22nd October 2015)
pdfSuspensions (Amended 1st December 2011)

pdfVerbal / Physical Abuse Policy (Approved 21st January 2016)

pdfWork Experience Applications (17th December 2015)