St Charles CCS 2019

St. Charles Sister Cities American Exchange photo album

The 2019 edition of the St. Charles Missouri Exchange took place over two weeks at Halloween. Nineteen pupils and four adults made the Dublin-Philadelphia-St. Louis trip where they reunited with old friends and made some new ones. The itinerary was packed as always with outings to the Gateway Arch, St. Charles City Jail, St. Louis Science Centre, Daniel Boone Home and Old St. Charles Town among the field trips organised. Pupils also spent a couple of days in St. Charles West High School, and there was plenty of interest in their presence, with such queries as, "Do Irish people use cellphones?" and "Do you have Walmart in Ireland?" Pupils also got to see a classic yellow school bus in its natural environment. The kids conducted themselves admirably throughout the trip with drama at an all-time low. (Although we're currently reviewing the merits of ice-skating for first-timers.) A couple of the pupils got to experience a St. Louis Blues ice hockey game at close quarters, and that's likely to be the best thing that ever happened ever! The whole group were treated like celebs for two solid weeks. When the tears are at the end, you know it's been a success. It would be very difficult to write the full diary of the fortnight as it was non-stop. It may suffice to say that we're under serious pressure to return the favour when St. Charles pupils and staff make the return trip in March. All we can guarantee is that the weather will be Irish.