JCSP Summer Celebration 2015

JCSP 2015

JCSP Christmas Celebration 2015 photo album

Once again, the JCSP Christmas Celebration was a huge success thanks to all the people involved - staff, pupils and parents. The Coffee Dock was illuminated with the high spirits of the students, plus a few Christmas lights here and there. The celebration kicked off with a round of Bingo (apparently not for the oldies!) followed by our guest speaker, Jason Black (adventurer and mountaineer). Jason gave an inspiring talk to the pupils on the challenges that he faced in preparation for climbing Mount Everest, and the climb itself. The celebration came to a close with tea, coffee and loads of goodies.

JCSP Spray Painting Initiative

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Bansky, I think you need to watch out!!! Some first and second years have been busy creating their own Graffiti Wall Art under the supervision of Ms. Farren and Dan Gallanagh. The students took their inspiration from the actor Paul Walker - "If you can't have fun, there's no sense in doing it". It definitely was a fun experience and the end product says it all.

Junior Certificate Schools Programme 2015-16

JCSP Academic Year 2015-2016
There are 53 students currently taking part in the JCSP. This is a National programme sponsored by the Department of Education and Skills and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment. Through the various initiatives and resources the JCSP attempts to help young people experience success in school. This year Ms. Farren will apply for 6 initiatives, plus the Christmas Celebration. If successful the students will have a busy year ahead.

Outdoor Pursuits Initiative - October 2015
This initiative is to encourage students to take part in Adventure Activities and to complete statement 8 in Physical Education . On Thursday 1st October a group of 2nd years enjoyed the scenic surroundings of Moville. Blue skies, fresh air, calm waters- perfect weather conditions for kayaking. The early morning mist gradually lifted to reveal some wonderful views from the water. Despite many of the boys claiming to be "good drivers" a few found it quite difficult to go in a straight line and one student (no names mentioned) even mounted his kayak on a rock. A few others found the water more appealing than the kayak. Maria got home and dry so all went well. 

A group of 1st years are kayaking on Tuesday 6th of October so we will see how their " driving" compares to the 2nd years.

September 2015
Congratulations to Class 3H on their fantastic Junior Certificate Results. The results are a credit to the students and the teachers involved in the programme.

May 2015
To mark the end of the 2 year JCSP for 3H The Summer Celebration was held on Wednesday 27th May in the school Library. Parents, family members, teachers, Vice Principals and Principal were all present to watch the students being presented with their JCSP Portfolio. Class Teacher and JCSP Co-Ordinator Ms. Farren had the majority of the group from first year so she had a few surprises in store. She spoke very highly of each student and to mark the occasion she presented each student with an individual T- shirt( picture to represent them) and with their class Motto printed on it " All you need to succeed is be yourself and nothing else". It was quite an emotional evening for both parents and students.

May 2015
End of Year Evaluations 
What a busy year it has been. Once again all the initiatives were successful and the students gave very positive feedback. The initiatives - Film Making, Field Trip, Woodwork, Seanachai, Community Service and Math Games added to the success of the Junior Cycle through diversification and participation.