LCA Healthy Eating

LCA Nutrition Task ("Come Dine With Us") photo album

On Tuesday, 20th April, weeks of planning and hard work came together remarkably well as Fourth Year LCA hosted "Come Dine With Us" in the Fourth Unit kitchen. Parents and staff were welcomed to the dinner party, offering a choice of Irish stew, chicken curry, Thai curry or chili con carne. (A few members of staff naturally opted for all four...) The culinary masterclass was spearheaded by Peter Doherty (Saddler), who was quick to point out that the pupils took complete control on the big day. The initiative was funded by the Inishowen Development Partnership, who were represented by Denise McCool and Kate Wilkinson. The whole operation couldn't have happened without the person who has to thank everyone else. Well done to Ms. Elaine Meehan, who made sure everything was in order from day one.