LCA PE Task photo allbum

Report by Alysia Brattin Loftus

On Monday 17th December 2018, our LCA class, 5H organised a first year futsal tournament. To do this we each had to play a number of roles such as a coach, referee, reporter, photographer, score keeper or equipment manager. We wanted to do an event with first years because they’re an easier group of students to get out of class as they don’t have as many exams. We also wanted the junior students to feel comfortable with senior students in a fun way.

Picking the sport would be hard, not knowing what the first years were interested in. We decided to do a survey. Each first year student participating in our tournament received a survey where they could vote for which sport they would like to take place. They also got to vote to see if they wanted prizes based on teams that won the most games, that scored the most goals or that showed the best sportsmanship and fair play.

We linked our tournament with Irish by having the teams names in Irish; Geography by running a World Cup format and every team was a country; Home Economics by learning about eating and cooking healthy recipes, doing this and presenting it to the first years; Maths by doing up tables, keeping scores, working out points etc.

Our way of making prizegiving fair was that we gave a medal to the players who showed the best sportsmanship in each team, and to the best LCA students who showed good leadership and sportsmanship as coaches/referees etc. We got the first years to vote for someone on each team who displayed fair play and to vote for their favourite LCA students who were kind, allowed them all to play and were good fun.

Our tournament began first thing on Monday morning when the first year pupils were split into six teams. The teams were in Irish - an Spáinn, Éire. Sasana, an Fhrainc, an Ghearmáin agus an Bhraisail. Then the equipment manager gave different coloured bibs to the teams, making it easier to identify them. Then the referee explained the rules of futsal and the score-takers wrote up the table in which each team would play. When the tournament had started the coaches had to be sure each player was on the field at some time. This was to be sure everyone was involved and having fun. We also had the photographer going around the pitch getting photos of the players and teams throughout the matches.

In the end-up everyone said it was an enjoyable experience. The score-takers counted up the scores and went around each team and asked them to vote for the LCA student they would like to win a reward. Our PE teacher then thanked everyone for being involved and announced the winners. It ended up there were three LCA students voted, a 1st year student from every team and the winning team to receive medals.