Transition Year

TY Trip to Lansdowne Road (Ireland v Georgia)

TY Ireland v Georgia

TY Trip to Lansdowne Road photo album

On Thursday, 6th October, forty-five TY students set off from CCS for Ireland v Georgia. A quick pit-stop in the Blanchardstown Centre allowed the students to refuel before heading out to the Aviva Stadium for the World Cup qualifier. While the game was a poor spectacle, the students had a great time getting fully involved in the chants and cheers. Donegal native Seamus Coleman not only scored but managed to assist himself for the goal!!! The students were great ambassadors for the school and while it was late home on Friday morning (2am), the majority made it to school the following day. Well done all.

World Mental Health Day (10th October) - TYB Raise Awareness

TYB Mental Health

To mark World Mental Health Day (Monday, 10th October), Transition Year Class B pupils have decorated the First Corridor with an array of posters highlighting the issues surrounding mental health. The overall objective is to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilise efforts in support of mental health. Well done to TYB who carried out the promotion under the guidance of Mrs Emma Doherty as part of their Social Studies - Wellbeing module.

Transition Year Public Access to Law

Public Access to Law 2016

Public Access to Law photo album

Always hugely popular with the students is the Pal or Public Access to Law Day. This workshop involves a barrister coming to the school and giving an overview of the Irish legal system in the morning and presiding over a mock trial in the afternoon. This year, we had two groups over two days - 7th and 8th April 2016. Mr Henry Lynch BL remarked on the performances of Luke Devlin in his role as a witness and Christopher Gill and Maria Farren in their roles as barristers. The pupils who took part sat an exam the following week. First prize went to Gemma McCormick (94%), and in joint-second were Aishling McKinney and Darragh McWilliams (92%). As always, the feedback has been excellent and the workshop was a very positive experience for the TYs.

Work Experience of a Lifetime at Zurich Zoo - Shauna McBride, TYA

Zurich Zoo CarndonaghShauna McBride Zurich Zoo Work Experience photo album

As I have a great interest in studying zoology in college, I really wanted to do a work experience that would give me a greater insight into what this will entail. I speak quite good Swiss-German since my mother is Swiss, so I decided to do my placement at Zurich Zoo. My grandparents live quite close to the zoo, which worked out very well for me and it was very nice to spend time with them too. I did two weeks of work experience there. The animals I took care of every day were the llamas, alpacas, vicunas, guanacos, South American chickens, harvest mice, Darwin's rhea, European fish-otters and seals. One day I also got to feed the tiger because I ran into the tiger carer and he offered.

I worked a 10 hour day from 7am until around 5pm. I didn't mind though because I loved it so much. I fed the animals and cleaned their pens in the morning and the afternoon. I collected the turquoise eggs from the hen-house. I caught live fish for the otters and I walked the llamas around the zoo because they had to lose weight. I had a tour of the zoo and got to visit areas that are out of bounds to volunteers, and saw the monkeys, the elephants and the big cats. But the real highlight were the seals. I had to do shows for the public twice a day with the seals. I had to let the seals get used to my touch and do some tricks with them, rewarding them with fish, of course! This is done so that if ever a seal gets sick and needs the vet, they will already be used to human contact. Altogether I had an absolutely amazing time and didn't want to leave! I can't wait to work in this area in the future.

The National Mock Trial Competition 2016

National Mock Trial 2016

National Mock Trials 2016 photo album

The National Mock Trial Competition was held in the Criminal Courts of Justice on Saturday, 16th April 2016. The team comprised 10 pupils - 3 barristers (Maria Farren, Oisin Bowyer &, Christopher Gill), 1 solicitor (Cathy Doherty), 1 courtroom registrar (Geraldine Brennan), 2 tipstaffs (Darragh McWilliams & Cathy Doherty), 1 defendant (Deaglan Farren as Pat Parker) and 5 witnesses (Casey Cavanagh as Alex Anderson, Geraldine Brennan as Jackie Ó Faoláin, Maria Farren as Seoirse Harney, Darragh McWilliams as Chris Connor and Cathy Doherty as Jo Johnson). There were also 3 full-time jurors (Tia McLaughlin, Casey Cavanagh and Aoife Houghton). The students owe a huge debt of gratitude to Mr. Donal McGuinness B.L. for his advice and his time, both on the eve and on the day of the competition. Thank you, Donal! We would also like to thank Ms. Maria McLaughlin, SNA who procured a Garda uniform for us! We won 2 out of our 3 cases. All the pupils gave 100% - barristers and witnesses alike! You did us proud!