Coast Guard Station Visit

On Wednesday, 19th October, a group of TYD, 5th year and 6th year students went to Malin Head to visit the Coast Guard Station. When we arrived, we met Mike, Brendan and Dara who are all Coast Guards stationed in Malin Head. We happened to be very lucky; the day before there was a yacht which lost engine power during its approach to Donegal Bay. They were able to tell us all about what they had to do in that situation. The South-Westerly winds blew the yacht into rocks, causing it to run aground. It was great to have a recent and interesting story. We also got to listen to the phone-call that took place the night before, informing them of the incident. Many of the men in the station were involved in this incident and had something to do.

The men were very kind and helpful and were willing to answer any questions that we had to offer. Mike showed us a video on the National Marine College of Ireland to give us a quick view of the training required for this job. NMCI also had an open night taking place the day after the trip, which Mike was attending.
They showed us some of their fancy and high-tech equipment, including the radio sets which one of our group members, Adam Mullins, used to call a station in Galway! We also learned that if you are communicating via radios, it usually works better at night as the sun is not ionising the particles……

They also showed us how their job has changed over the years. This trip was very interesting and enjoyable. We learned so much about the Irish Coast Guard and what they do. 

By Adam Mullins, Evan Mc Laughlin, Jaime Ureῆa, Tara Doherty and Danielle Houghton. TYD!!!

In other news, Sally McKenna has been accepted into the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2017. We wish Sally all the best with her project Media Manipulation.