Board of Management Ballot - Parent Representatives

The Board of Management commences a new 3 year term from 1st August 2017. Parents are entitled to elect two representatives onto the Board. Any Parent(s) interested in serving on the Board should inform their local area/parish school committee or a member of the Central Parents Committee that they wish to be nominated for the Board. Each parent will receive details with regard to the election and each parent will receive a ballot paper with the names of candidates. Ballot papers will be posted to the home address provided to the school on the pupil's enrolment form. Each Parent is entitled to vote for any two candidates.

FAO Parents/Guardians of Schoolgirls - Subject: HPV Vaccinations for Schoolgirls, March 2017

FAO;  Parents/Guardians of schoolgirls

Subject: – HPV vaccinations for schoolgirls March 2017

The HSE have asked the Department of Education and Skills to bring letters available in both English and Irish concerning the second level school vaccination programme in 2016/2017 and the HPV vaccine to the attention of the school management bodies and principals of post-primary schools.

Please see below the links to the letters on the Department’s website:

The HSE immunisation teams will commence the second dose of the HPV vaccine for 1st year girls in post primary schools from March 

Further information on the HPV vaccination is available at and

Amazing Brains (Third Years) - Tuesday, 24th January

Amazing BrainsThird Year Drive for Results...

Workshop for Junior Certificate pupils. All third year pupils will attend a workshop, "Drive for Results" delivered by Amazing Brains ( on Tuesday, 24th January, during class time. The cost is normally €6.50 per student, but this will be subsidised by the school, and our 3rd years only have to pay €3 each. This workshop will help your child to develop excellent study skills, as they approach their Junior Certificate. Students will discover the merits of active learning, and the importance of perseverance and a 'can do' attitude! It is important that all students attend on the day. Students are asked to bring €3 to their SPHE teacher or Ms Mary Lafferty, on/before 20th January.

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